Boundary Spanning Leadership

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The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 executive education organizations in the world, sought the help of Redding Communications to introduce Boundary Spanning Leadership. This groundbreaking book was written by two professionals from CCL who traveled the world, compiling research to create critical tools designed to help leaders at all levels bridge divides.

Key Needs:
CCL wanted to leverage the full power of the Web to inform viewers about the book’s concept, its value to worldwide organizations and where it could be obtained. They also wanted to provide tools for others’ use in promoting the value of the book within their own industries, and they needed a graphic model that would visually explain the concept. All materials needed to be branded with a consistent design.

We worked closely with the researchers to thoroughly understand the worldwide impact they expected from this book. That was the launching pad for our solution, a powerful, cohesive package of materials, consistent in color and design, which included:

  • a graphic model of “The Nexus Effect,” providing a visual representation of how boundary spanning leadership fosters collaboration;
  • an interactive website, with an informative blogging forum;
  • introductory videos and promotional DVDs that creatively explain Boundary Spanning Leadership;
  • a distinctive, animated PowerPoint presentation.

Governments, corporations and nonprofit organizations around the world are now using the critical components of Boundary Spanning Leadership to achieve their common goals for improved leadership development.

Marketing Channels:
Book cover design, graphic model, interactive website with blog, promotional video, PowerPoint presentation


“…I was looking for an end-to-end communications company that could help us every step of the way starting from conceptualization then taking it through a whole stream of activities, the totality of the experience is what I think is so power about what we have done together.”

Chris Ernst
Senior Enterprise Associate at Center for Creative Leadership