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In 2012, the Steering Committee for the High Point Cycling Classic began preparing a proposal to host the national championship of the USA Cycling Professional Criterium for 2013 and 2014. This world-class event features the best racers in America, and their choice of venue is paramount to them. Leaders saw the event as a way to gain recognition for High Point as a vibrant city, while also drawing local, state and national cycling competitors, as well as local residents and visitors, to the downtown area for a weekend of fun and excitement. The event also would be a fundraiser for local charities.

Key Needs:
The Steering Committee needed a professionally-designed and carefully researched proposal outlining why High Point should be chosen to host the event and, after it was chosen, promotional materials that would publicize the event. Steering Committee member Don Redding of Redding Communications was asked to develop these crucial materials.

Redding Communications conducted strategic research to craft a comprehensive, visually interesting presentation binder that extolled the virtues of High Point as a premium race location. That binder worked its way to the top of the stack of 30 cities vying to host the USA Cycling Professional Criterium national championships. High Point, a city of 107,000 that had never before been connected to national sports, was chosen to host the 2013 and 2014 events – succeeding against much larger cities, including Sacramento, CA, and Austin, TX. Next came the challenge of reaching people and companies to sponsor, promote, volunteer, participate or attend the 2013 event. Colorfully designed collateral, created for region-wide coverage, included every type of communication imaginable: posters, brochures, yard signs, handouts, table tents, billboards, press releases and more. The reach was further widened through Web design/development and social media. As a result, not only did High Point enjoy a significant turnout, heightening awareness of the city’s excitement and vibrancy, but the event’s ultimate goal of fundraising for various charities was successful, raising $96,000.

Marketing Channels:
Integrated Marketing Campaign, Website design, web banner ads, emails, billboards, print ads, brochures, public relations


“In what may be one of the great coups in High Point sports history, the High Point Cycling Classic … has been awarded USA Cycling’s Professional Criterium National Championships for 2013 and 2014. This prestigious event is coming to High Point for several reasons … [which include] Dr. Chip Duckett’s strong leadership team, including Redding Communications, Randy Carda, and others who aggressively pursued the event.”