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Greenville! Let Redding Communications Increase Your Online Presence Through Strategic SEO.

Redding Communications, a Greenville SEO Agency and experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), offers services in the Greenville area of North Carolina. Businesses looking to rank on the first page of google should give us a call.

We know how vital a strong presence is online. A professionally designed and smoothly functioning website is the best to increase your google ranking in Greenville. The serious internet marketing project is not complete without mastering the search engine through SEO.

“Don worked with us to complete a website audit, along with SEO and marketing consultation. His work is detailed with clear explanations.”
Ron Baker, client


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What’s so important about SEO in Greenville?

Think about a random internet search. It appears seamless and easy to most web users; just key in a name or phrase and instantly there appears a list of options to choose from. But have you ever wondered why the choices that appear on the first page of options are given that status? And if you’re not sure why that seems so important, ask yourself this question: Does the average searcher ever click beyond page one? Answer: No.

Through SEO, we can improve internet presence. We start with detailed research into your product or service, from which we pull pertinent keywords and key phrases, as well as identify frequent and relative internet searches. Armed with these pivotal words and phrases, we then begin building content, or body copy, that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will take notice of, and place a high ranking on. Why? Because our research will have told us that people are searching for you using these very particular words and phrases.

By using a set of rules, called algorithms, every search engine seeks and finds those keywords and phrases that get the most attention, or searches. Knowing how to strategically “pepper” those words into your copy and search content is as vital to the process as determining the words themselves. But we’ve got you covered, because increasing search result rankings through SEO is what we do.

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Here’s an example:

You are traveling to the city of Cary next week for a business meeting. Where should you stay? Nine out of ten people like you will search out options via the internet. “Hotels in Cary” would likely be your search words and every one of those who has taken the extra step of having their marketing firm utilize SEO for their hotel will come up first. It’s that simple. The searcher will choose one of those and will likely never give a thought to the area hotels that aren’t represented through good SEO. It’s literally the difference between being found or staying hidden.

If you’re interested in being found on page one of Google for a Greenville business through expert SEO, give Redding Communications a call today.

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What clients are saying.

I’m Ron Barker Co-Owner of Seven Oaks Inn Bed and Breakfast located in High Point, NC. Don worked with us to complete a website audit, along with SEO and marketing consultation. His work is detailed with clear explanations. On initial contact Don provided a comprehensive written layout of the services he would provide in his quote. The day of our meeting he spent up to four hours laying out detailed methods to refine our business performance. He is patient and understanding during difficult times providing vital information that all small businesses need as we recover from a indescribably difficult year. He has website developers along with his continued consultation going forward as your social media consultant. While optimizing your business website has cost, making the investment will increase the likely hood of future success. Best Wishes, Ron Barker.



Greenville SEO Checklist

SEO Services in Greenville

Skyrocket your ranking on Google locally by creating and optimizing you Google My Business account. Our Redding Communication Greenville SEO team will improve the geographic ranking qualities of your website. Search engines like Google, BING, and Yahoo will then understand your business should be included in local searches. People often included the phrase “near me” in their searches. This is a key indicator to the search engines that only local companies should be included in the results.

Included in our SEO services for the Greenville are optimization of each page of your website to increase search engines understanding of your websites intent. We review each page and integrate keywords to move your pages from low traffic pages to high traffic pages. We offer FREE website audits.

When it comes to search engine optimization, keyword rich content on your website is a must. Our Greenville SEO team of experts use content as part of our overall strategy for your website’s SEO. The results will be higher traffic volumes to your website with better than average conversions.

Comprehensive keyword research is the foundation of our Greenville SEO services. Our team takes the time to uncover high-value keywords and develop a thorough strategy to build an on-going plan to increase qualified traffic to your website. We help grow your business by focusing on a proven strategy of success.

Technical SEO is like getting under the hood of your car. The first task we perform is a technical audit of your website. This helps us understand how we can improve your SEO. Our SEO experts in Greenville then use a range of optimization efforts, such as on-page audit, speed optimization, title tag review and meta description review, to gain higher performance on search engine results pages.

Want to grow your eCommerce business? We can help. We have built and optimized a range of e-commerce websites over the years. Key components to a successful eCommerce website is great content, pictures, title tags, alt tags for images and more. Give us call so we can help!

Link building is a key strategy to improve your websites Domain Authority. Search engines like Google consider backlinks to your website as proof your website has value and is worthy of ranking higher in their search results. Our Greenville SEO experts will work hard to organically expand backlinks to your site.



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