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Marketing Channels:
Video, posters, emails, lobby displays, flyers, information flyers/brochures and community events with Germoutski appearances

Cone Health, like other healthcare systems around the nation, was experiencing a disturbing rise in hospital-borne infections. This resulted in longer patient stays and steadily increasing healthcare costs. Cone Health asked Redding Communications to develop a campaign to encourage hand washing, based on research showing that thorough and consistent hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of these costly infections.

Key Needs:
Merely telling visitors, staff and patients to wash their hands wasn’t working. Cone Health needed a broad-based campaign that would reach multiple groups entering and working at the hospital and have a substantial impact on the rate of hand washing.

We developed a multi-faceted award-winning campaign targeting all who enter the Cone Health System. The campaign centers on Dr. Germoutski, a friendly, character who appeals to both children and adults. His wild hair makes him look a little like a madcap scientist, drawing attention to the consistent message: “Wash hands. Save lives.” The colorful, eye-catching campaign included life-size cut-out displays of Dr. Germoutski making his plea at hospital entrances, as well as emails, flyers, videos and appearances by Dr. Germoutski at community events. As a result of this campaign, Cone Health reported a marked decrease in the number of hospital-acquired infections. Additionally, this campaign was recognized for its proven Return on Investment (ROI) for the health system.