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Client Testimonial:


The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a leading global provider of leadership development, chose Redding Communications to help with the marketing and development of a new specialized skills program: Driving Results Through Innovation Leadership (DRIL).

Key Needs:
CCL wanted the DRIL program to be centered around a creative and fun driving theme, while still adhering to their brand standards. Since the focus of the program is about innovation, they wanted the classroom materials to be innovative too. So, in keeping with the driving theme, participants would each receive a “driver’s manual”, toolkit, and roadmap. These would be packaged together in a case similar to what would be stored in a car’s glove compartment. The intended purpose was to make it easier for participants to take what they learned from their experience in the program and apply it in their work and personal lives.

The goal for marketing the program was to create enough interest and awareness to accomplish three runs of the DRIL program in the following year and to build a pipeline for future programs in subsequent years. The materials would need to have not only a unique and creative tone to match the focus of innovation in the program, but be highly effective and memorable to ensure future success.

We worked diligently with CCL’s faculty and marketing department to understand their vision and expectations. Our focus began with the program materials. After researching several luxury automobile companies, we designed the classroom materials, and program logo, with a similar, contemporary high-end look. Each program piece represented a “driving tool” that would help the participant “drive” their innovative solution through their organization and into the marketplace. Together, they created an eye-catching collection of materials that resembled traveling aids found in every car.

CCL was very satisfied with the results. They stated upfront that they needed this program to be successful “right out of the gate”. And it was. As you can see within the testimonial video above, the client attributes much of the program’s success to Redding’s quick grasp and thorough implementation of their needs. He further states that the reviews among industry experts rate the quality of the materials as “second to none”.


“From the introductory challenge to the final key take away, the class is professional, practical, implementable, and inspirational; but it is the materials that you take back to the workplace that will blow you away!
– 30-year industry expert


Classroom Materials:
Driver’s Manual (Workbook)
Travel Log (Workbook)
Roadmap (trifold Handout)
Activity cards

We created energetic and engaging marketing pieces that sparked the interest of viewers and potential program participants. The messaging included bold headlines and the copy delivered a personality and tone that gave each viewer a sense that they were in control.

Marketing Channels:
Website landing page
Informational brochure
Sales video
Animated Google banner ads
Email blast
PPC Social media ads