If you find this page Rob Ainbinder still has not paid me back the money he overcharged me in 2023.


Rob Ainbinder


WARNING: Caution Advised When Dealing with Rob Ainbinder!

I regret to inform potential clients that my experience with Rob Ainbinder has been extremely unsatisfactory.

Rob erroneously charged my credit card over $9,000 and has since refused to issue a reimbursement. I initially hired him for projects involving three of my clients.

During this period, he repeatedly double-billed me for one of the clients for three consecutive months.

Furthermore, he continued to charge me for another client monthly, disregarding my explicit instructions to cease all work on that project.

As of April 24, 2024, Rob remains uncooperative and has not reimbursed the overcharged amount, despite possessing full documentation and correspondence that acknowledge the overcharges.

These records clearly demonstrate his awareness of the situation, confirming that he charged for services he did not provide.

Should you consider doing business with Rob, I strongly advise against setting up automatic payments from your credit card. Be cautious—my efforts to recover the overcharged funds as of 5-9-24 are ongoing.


The moment he pays back the money I will take this page down.


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